Doe, a deer, a female deer.

Holy whoa the weather was gorgous today!!!! I couldn’t wait to leave work and go run outside – which I did! I set the Nike+ for 3.5 miles and ended up completing – wait for it – 4.13 in 48 minutes. I felt so good and could have probably kept going, but it was starting to get dark outside – and I needed to run a few errands still.

So on Wednesdays after school I have band rehearsal, and was telling a few of my kids (my favorites, don’t tell) about how I was going to run outside today. This was after they were telling me about a track team recruitment meeting they had today, so running was already a topic. They thought it was so cool that I like to run. And I said, maybe I’ll see some deer today. And guess what? I ended up passing 6 deer! And 3 coyote (a little more scary, but cool nontheless).

Right in the center of this picture is one of the deer I saw – and it saw me too!
Another funny thing that happened before rehearsal today: one of the kids mentioned that he wanted to go to Navy Pier (Chicago). I said, I’ll be there next weekend, for race packet pickup. The three of them all asked,
“Ms. James, can we come watch your race?”
I love that they thought it was so cool, that their teacher runs in races. I told them it started early in the morning, but I would bring pictures.  They definitely gave me a confidence boost for my awesome run this evening.
As far as WW goes, I’m having a pretty good week. Except for the small can of cashews it took only three days to finish off. And the 5 Girl Scout cookies I ate yesterday. But other than that, I’m doing awesome. I’ve done every workout I said I would this week, and made awesome dinners Monday and Tuesday nights. Mondays dinner was a recipe pulled from The Bosky Blog, a pepper stuffed with Rosemary couscous and black beans, topped with mozzarella. Tuesday was whole wheat penne with red sauce, mushrooms, yellow pepper, shrimp, Laughing Cow garlic & herb wedge, and red pepper flakes. Amazing. And I really wish I had taken a picture before I devoured it while watching Jillian torture people on The Biggest Loser.
Got some more knitting done on my sweater, it’s coming along nicely, and much quicker than I expected. 
Question of the day: What’s your favorite outdoor activity on a beautiful spring day?
Today’s AP count: 6.5
4 miles ran, 48 minutes.

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