Back and on track!

So I’m back. It’s been a pretty hectic, and, let’s face it, lazy few weeks.  I have been back and forth with tracking and staying on top of things. I weighed in on Christmas Eve and lost 0.4 lbs.  Not too shabby, considering I have been having pretty slow weight loss the past few months. I went to a meeting the Jan 2, my regular Saturday morning, but I didn’t WI. I had more pizza the previous two days than I should have and it was definitely showing on the scale. So I told myself I would be back on track last week. And I was. For about a day. I was good w/tracking breakfast and lunch, but when I got home from the gym I felt the need to eat everything in the house. But at WI this Saturday, after Christmas Eve, Christmas, the week of crap after Christmas, NYE, New Years Day, and eating waaaay too much last week, I gained only 2lbs. I was actually pretty happy with this. And vowed to get back on track (once again).  Saturday was good. I ate over my daily points, but I tracked it, and had ran 2.5 miles that morning. Then Sunday reared it’s familiar, ugly head. And once again I felt the need to eat the house. The result: I woke up feeling slightly sick this morning and really vowed to get back on track. And I have been. I’ve tracked everything that’s gone into my mouth today and ran my 2.5 miles.  I feel so good, better than I have in a while. I feel in control and positive. There was an impromptu grocery trip after work to get more plain FF yogurt, FF feta (soooo good in salads) and mucho fruit. I am actually excited about what I’m going to eat tomorrow. Which I should probably go fix. More later!

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