So Excited!

So tomorrow I’m going on a field trip with some of my 5th and 6th graders to…..Museum of Science and Industry! The last time I remember going there was Junior year of high school for Live from the Heart (we watched a live CABG – pretty awesome). But I’ve never been during Christmas time. They have trees decorated for many different countries and all sorts of other decorations. I’ll try to take lots of pictures to post!

So tonight on the 8K schedule I was supposed to run 2 miles – which I did! I was on the treadmill, going about 5.8 the whole time. It took me just about 22:00 to complete. Go me! After that I worked on legs a bit, mostly just on machines. I was going to go to kickboxing class at 7, but apparently it was cancelled, and I was majorly bummed. But tomorrow is a pretty easy day – just some cross training and probably loads of squats and lunges. I should probably throw some abs/core work in there too. Hmmm.

I stayed within my daily points today. For real. It feels so good to say that, and even better going to sleep without feeling sick to my stomach.  Shopping and working out are good distractions from eating. If only I had the money to shop more. I noticed today that my waist is starting to look even smaller. I wore a new-ish pair of size 14 pants today with a belt and had to use the 4th notch – something I don’t think I’ve ever done before. It felt pretty damn awesome to do that. I think that gave me some motivation to stick to plan today.

Goal for the week: get in my oils.
This is something that I have never been strict about, or even really thought about, in my year on Weight Watchers. But today I put 2 tsp olive oil on my salad – and didn’t even notice it! I am curious to see what kind of difference, if any, it will really make. It can’t hurt anything!

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