Whew! It’s been a long one.

Hi all!
So it’s been a week since I posted, and I’ve been super busy in the meantime. I was down in Springfield for the weekend and didn’t have my computer with me (and was busy spending time with boyfriend). Monday night was spent and the gym and unpacking from the weekend, then falling into bed early. Tuesday was a shopping day (I got a super cute pair of boots that will be posted sometime soon!) and watching the Biggest Loser finale – more on that later. Wednesday evening was my band concert and horrible horrible weather. But now it’s Friday and the start to a new weekend. I officially started training for the Shamrock Shuffle 8K, which is on March 21st. I’m following Hal Higdon’s training plan, which can be found here http://www.halhigdon.com/8K/8kintroduction.htm.  It’s pretty straightforward, but I think i’ll be adding some speedwork and tempo runs to the schedule. It’s 8 weeks, which means i’ll get through it well before the Shuffle and leaves time for any interruptions by life.

Right now I have a seriously killer headache and just want it to be 2:20. If this thing doesn’t get better I may take a halfday. Boo.

Haven’t really knit much this week, I’m becoming such a slacker. But I did get about 2 pattern repeats done on the baby blanket this weekend. That’s pretty much the only think I’ve been working on lately, though I did buy yarn to knit my first sweater with. Perhaps that will get started this weekend. Speaking of the weekend, I plan on finally getting Christmas shopping started/finished. I have a few things that were bought online, but have been avoiding the mall like the HINI.  But I have my Weight Watchers meeting Saturday morning, which happens to be nearer to the mall than my house, so i’ll just be going afterwards (hopefully celebrating a loss!). I have a list made, thankfully, so I just need to collect the items on it. But I do still need to think of something for boyfriend to get me. He’s still in college and on a budget, so a diamond ring is out of question, unfortuantely. I am pretty happy with what I have so it’s hard to think of something I want.  Better get creative!

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