More miles

Hapy Friday!

So I’ve made it through another week, and I am just counting down the days until winter break begins. I can’t wait for those 2 weeks off! I didn’t really run much this week, I was still recovering from the Turkey Trot, and my feet were killing me. I tried to run a couple miles on the treadmill Tuesday night, but after 1.25 mi. I got a horrble side cramp and couldn’t get rid of it. I ended up walking another mile or so, but I would have much rather run for 15 more minutes. Wednesday my feet were still hurt (darn plantar fasciitis!) so I just hopped on the elliptical for 30 minutes. I also had an appt with my trainer, and she killed my lower body. My muscles are still sore, 2 days later.  I’m heading down to Springfield tonight to visit the boy for the weekend. I’ve also got a run planned for tonight while he’s at work, and hopefully I’ll get up early in the morning to run outside for a few miles before my 9:30 weight watchers meeting. Which, by the way, I gained 4 lbs at last week (stupid salt) and hopefully will lose more than 4 this week. I’ve been stuck at a plateau for waaaay too long and am ready to see the numbers going down.

So anyways, I’ve been knitting a baby blanket the last few weeks for my future sister in law.  The picture isn’t mine, and the pattern can be found on Ravelry. It’s simply called Alex’s Blanket. I loved the delicate looking tulip lace stitch,which can be for a boy or a girl. I’m doing mine is yellow, since I don’t know the sex of the baby. It’s done in Caron Pound of Love yarn on size 7 circular needles. It’s turning out really nice, but just takes forever since I’ve got so many stitches per row. I’ll post a pic of mine later, when I’m not on work computer.

Work is pretty boring right now. My Friday schedule is pretty light, so I’ve got time to do things lie post updates and actually finish my morning coffee. I only wish I could leave early from work on these days. That would probably be a bad thing though.

This post is getting a bit lengthy, so I should probably end it and do some actual schoolwork for a bit.


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